SESSION I     11:10 - 11:50

                        SESSION II     1:10 -   1:50

                SESSION III    2:20 -   3:00                               

Panel Title and Author List

It's All in the Facts

Session I, III

Love is in the Air

Session I, II

Kathryn Casey

Mira Dessy

James Schmidt

Molly Blaisdell

Ashley Nemer

Stacy A. Moran

Delphin Dryden

 Kim O'Brien

T. J. Bennett

Learning our ABCs

Session I

Mystery, Thrills, Chills

Session I, III

Dotti Enderle

Chris Cander

Katherine Tramonte


Dean (Miranda) James

Stephanie Jaye Evans

Wendy Webb

Jerry Hatchett

Mary Gray

Susan Muller

Fantasy is Everywhere

Session I, II

Just Keeping It Real

Session I, III

Cassandra Rose Clarke

Krissi Dallas

Mary Lindsey

Christina Mandelski

Stasia Ward Kehoe

Jessica Warman

Kay Honeyman

From Angels to Vampires

Session II, III

It's More than Just Robots & Outer Space

Session II, III

C. C. Hunter

Victoria Scott

Mari Mancusi

Heather Reid

Joy Preble

Shauna Allen

Jessica Brody

P. J. Hoover

Marissa Meyer

Belle Whittington

Lindsay Cummings

The In Between Readers 

Session II

Steamy Reads

Session II, III

Lynne Kelly

Polly Holyoke

Nikki Loftin

Sheila Turnage

Annette and Gina Cascone

Tony Abbot


Rachel Harris

Jennifer Bray Weber

Jenny Trout

Kristin Rae